Materials Matter

  Recently criminals have printed FAKE CHECKS with Jersey Equipment's name. This is a case of identity theft.

These FAKE CHECKS have been sent to sellers of merchandise on Craigslist and various people seeking employment on Craigslist & the Greensheet.

These checks may have Sterling Bank's name, routing and account numbers. THESE CHECKS ARE FAKE! Jersey Equipment DOES NOT HAVE a Sterling Bank account.

These checks are made out for thousands of dollars more than the items selling or just for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting individuals seeking jobs.

DO NOT DEPOSIT THESE CHECKS. THEY ARE FAKE and your bank may take up to 10 days to let you know this. Sadly, your bank may allow you to withdraw money based on this fraudulent deposit.

The THIEVES will then contact you and ask you to deposit the money, keep some of the extra and wire the difference back to them.

DO NOT WIRE ANY MONEY TO THEM. If you wire any money to them you will never get it back. Your bank will likely not refund your money. The wire transfer company will not refund your money. Jersey Equipment, who DID NOT SEND THE CHECK, will not refund your money. If you send them money you will have been swindled.

We have contacted Sterling bank, Fed Ex, UPS, local law enforcement and the FBI. If you received one of these checks please do the same.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Jersey Equipment Co of Houston, Inc.



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